A Removable Partial Can Replace the Function of Multiple Missing Teeth

If you’ve had multiple teeth lost to tooth decay or extraction, it can severely impair your ability to chew food. It can even cause you to slur your speech or alter your physical appearance. To address a problem like this without the use of invasive dental treatments, Dr. might recommend fitting you for a removable… Read more »

What You Should Know About Coffee and Your Teeth

Coffee is an extremely popular beverage, but did you know that it’s also responsible for many stained teeth? Coffee can get stuck to your enamel, making it extremely difficult to remove with your toothbrush. Fortunately, there are a few things you can consider doing if you’re interested in enjoying your coffee and keeping your teeth… Read more »

Facts about Dental X-Rays

Dental X-rays are a diagnostic tool used to help our dentist detect any decay, infection, or other issues that are not visible with the naked eye. Dr. may decide to take dental X-rays at your regular dental exam. How often takes X-rays is based on your age, dental health, risk for disease, and any signs… Read more »

Loving Life with Dental Veneers

Let’s face it, there are thousands of people who feel self-conscious about their smile. That is why we are happy to tell you about the benefits of dental veneers, and how they can boost your smile and raise your self-esteem! Dental veneers are popular because of the flawless results and the flaws they hide in… Read more »

Are Dentures Right For You?

When you think of dentures, you probably think of the older generation—but in reality, they could be a viable option for anyone who is missing teeth. Dentures have been used effectively for decades to replace missing or damaged teeth. Knowing the proper way to care for your dentures can improve your experience and lengthen the… Read more »

The Facts About Tongue Scrapers

Do you ever wonder whether or not you should be brushing your tongue? Do you try to brush your tongue periodically but struggle with your gag reflex? Your tongue is an extremely important muscle. It helps you chew, speak, and even breathe. If you care for your tongue, your oral health could improve and you… Read more »

The Need to Floss

If you don’t floss regularly, you’re like most Americans. Only four in ten American adults floss on a regular basis (defined as once a day). Yet whenever you visit the dentist, you’re always asked if you floss. So why do so few people actually bother with flossing? The most common complaint is that it takes… Read more »

The Reasons Why Dental Cleanings Are Vital for Your Oral Health

Did you know that without your six month checkup, flossing, brushing, and rinsing don’t help your smile as much as you think they do? Well, it’s true. Your dental exams and cleanings are vital for your oral health. They help you in many ways that your regular oral hygiene routine can’t. There are many reasons… Read more »

TMJ Disorder: What You Should Know

What do you know about TMJ disorder? Do you know how you might be able to recognize the symptoms of this serious condition? Do you know what you should do about this problem? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to recognize and address TMJ disorder. There are a number of issues that… Read more »

Treating Enamel Erosion Problems with Increased Fluoride Exposure

If you could look at your tooth enamel under a powerful microscope, you would see that it is made up of densely packed microscopic mineral crystals. This largely calcium based minerals can actually be eroded by the daily presence of bacteria and the acidic food and drinks you consume. If enamel erosion is not countered… Read more »