Do You Need a Tongue Stabilizer for Sleep Apnea?

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Snoring is a frequently occurring issue among many Americans, affecting adults and even children. While common and often non-threatening, snoring and interrupted breathing may be the result of sleep apnea and can cause serious health complications. If you have sleep apnea that causes snoring, you may need to receive a tongue stabilizer to remedy the condition.

Our team at KC Smile Doc can offer different treatment options to help treat snoring problems. Before pursuing a certain treatment option for snoring, it’s important to consult your physician to receive a proper diagnosis of sleep apnea. If you struggle with a severe case of sleep apnea, you may benefit from a positive pressure treatment device (CPAP) that promotes air flow to relieve snoring and breathing interruption.

Instances of mild-to-moderate sleep apnea can often be remedied with a snore guard that you wear to bed at night, as prescribed by your physician or a dentist. One of the types of snore guard is tongue stabilizers, which are often preferred by patients with dentures because these appliances don’t attach to teeth. A tongue stabilizer maintains proper position of the tongue and soft palate to enhance your breathing during sleep.

To keep your tongue stabilizer in good shape, clean the device each morning using a toothbrush and denture polish to remove bacteria and plaque. It’s also important to brush your tongue to rinse off any bacteria and make your breath fresher. Thoroughly dry the appliances using a clean paper towel and keep it stored safely in its case.

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