Stop a Cavity With a Dental Filling

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Tooth enamel can become demineralized if you frequently consume acidic beverages or practice inconsistent oral hygiene, increasing the risk of a cavity. The growth of the natural bacteria in the oral cavity affects more and more of the once-healthy tooth enamel, creating tooth sensitivity, discomfort, and pain. If treated in time, our dentist can halt the progression of tooth decay by placing a simple dental filling.

Treating a decayed tooth begins with a thorough dental exam that determines how severe the tooth decay has become. If the area of tooth decay is still small, a simple dental filling may be sufficient to restore the tooth to its original health.

First, we will numb the tooth and remove any traces of tooth decay from its structure. This is intended to create a smooth surface so that the dental filling can remain securely bonded in place.

Dr. J. Richard Burch will select a dental filling material based on the primary function and visibility of the tooth in your smile. For example, he may recommend a composite dental filling to treat a prominent tooth in your smile since we can custom shade the material to match your natural tooth enamel. Amalgam dental fillings are much darker, but their durability makes them an optimal choice to treat cavities on molars and premolars that aren’t visible in your smile.

Following the application of the filling, it’s cured and hardened into place with a special ultraviolet light. If our dentist is further concerned about the strength of the tooth, he may also recommend a professional fluoride treatment.

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