Upgrade Your Summer Smile by Caring for Your Dentures

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Do you have dentures or are you looking to get dentures in the future? If so, it is extremely important to care for them so they can continue to care for you and give you the smile you desire. This includes regularly cleaning them and maintaining them as necessary. Listed below are a few tips and techniques to use when caring for your dentures:

– To help allow your gums a chance to heal and rest, always remember to remove your dentures daily or nightly.
– If your dentures are ever damaged, do not try to fix them on your own. Instead, schedule a visit with your dentist.
– Before you insert your dentures, always make sure your mouth is clean and clear of debris. Likewise, make sure your dentures are clean before putting them back into your mouth.
– Make sure your dentures never dry out, as they can easily crack if they’re left to sit around. Instead, whenever you remove them, make sure they are placed in plain water or a denture- cleaning solution.
– Remove your dentures every single day for daily cleanings. Never use toothpaste, but instead, use a denture cleaner including hand soap, mild dishwashing liquid, or products that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance.
– Never use teeth whitening treatments, bleach, hot water, or abrasive cleaning materials on your dentures.
– Always exercise caution when taking out your dentures to avoid any damage.

Missing or lost can be treated with the help of dentures and our licensed professionals at KC Smile Doc. If you need a dentist in Kansas City, Missouri, you can book an appointment with Dr. J. Richard Burch at our dentist office, by contacting us at 816-822-0990. The perfect smile of your dreams is only a visit away!