When to Call the Dentist for a Visit

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If you are woken up during night by a painful throbbing in a tooth or have lost or broken a tooth after a fall or accident, then you will want to make a visit to the dentist to receive treatment. However, a dental emergency is not the only reason for dental visits and treatment. It’s important to schedule dental appointments every six months and if you have minor tooth problems that could become oral emergencies later.

Ideally, you should come to see our dentist every six months for a dental cleaning from our team and so we can examine your teeth and oral tissues to determine if you are showing signs of tooth decay, periodontal troubles, tooth wear or mouth or throat cancer. However, our dentist may recommend visiting more frequently than every six months to maintain vulnerable oral health.

If you have seen the color or texture of your teeth, tongue or oral tissues change, we encourage you to schedule a dental appointment to have your mouth checked out. If you have gums that bleed when you clean your teeth, or you experience a bad odor or taste, our dentist wants to know about these issues. Any changes in your bite, such as teeth shifting out of their proper alignment, are also a reason to see the dentist. If you have recently had a medical diagnosis of an illness or condition, or you changed your prescription or began taking a new prescription, it would be good to see our dentist to update your medical records.

We urge you to not allow a dental problem to become severe or turn into an emergency before you visit KC Smile Doc. If you are due for a routine dental appointment in Kansas City, Missouri, or need to see the dentist about an oral issue, we invite you to contact us at 816-822-0990 today for a visit with Dr. J. Richard Burch!